Costumes You Should Avoid Wearing

This calls for you to avoid those that aren’t right for you. To help you out, here are some of the costumes to stay away from.

1.Scream villain

The scream villain is a popular character in the 1996 horror video. There is nothing wrong with the outfit as everything on it screams creativity; Due to the popularity of the character and video, it has been worn for decades. Just like the above outfit, it’s overused and screams nothing unique about it.

2. Regular officer uniform

The police look is beaten to death, and there is no reason why you should wear it. In addition to looking like a dork, you also give the impression that you aren’t creative. Instead of the regular look, go for the rare SWAT look.

3. Prisoner

Many lazy people love the prisoner look as all you need is an orange t-shirt. Unfortunately, due to the simplicity of the look, it has been around for a very long time. In fact, when you are attending a party, you will most likely come across two or more people donning the look. This isn’t because it’s awesome. It’s because it’s easy to put together.

4. Sexy look

Who wouldn’t want the sexy look, right? If you are over the age of 25, you should avoid it gives you a cheap look. It has also been beaten to death thus no reason to done it as a creative. Avoid wearing anything that makes you look like a sexy nurse, sexy witch, and any other look.

5. Ghost

You must have seen this outfit for a long time. This isn’t only because ghosts have been around for centuries, also because it’s easy to create the outfit. All you need is a bed sheet and bore holes through it. This outfit is over worn. It also makes it difficult to enjoy the party as you can’t easily take your drink.